Revealed; the biggest turn-offs for tenants

Revealed; the biggest turn-offs for tenants

The private rental sector as we know has been growing as many make this their lifestyle choice as homeownership levels decrease. Around 20% of households in the UK are privately rented and it's estimated to rise further in the next couple of years. With this being the case the market is extremely competitive and therefore you need to do everything you can to ensure that you do not turn off tenants from your property.

The home furnishing retailer Terry's Fabrics has recently undertaken research to discover tenants biggest interior decor turn-offs. Tenants are more particular than ever before, as this research demonstrates. It may come as no surprise that a dirty home would put off nearly half of your potential tenants, therefore it is essential to ensure you have your property clean and tidy before you start to re-launch it.


It is not just cleanliness that is a major deciding factor, so is the aesthetics of your decor also, for example an outdated kitchen would make 48% of people say no according to the research, whilst 47% would turn their nose up at an old-fashioned bathroom. It is worth putting a maintenance plan together so you can ensure that you set time aside for decor upgrades and thus continuing to strengthen the desirability of your property to rent.

You may have turned a blind eye, or are perhaps in complete denial, but once you actually start to de-clutter your home you will soon realise that you have way more stuff than you imagined. From things that belonged to old appliances that you said goodbye to years ago, to things you've saved for a rainy day, or those presents that you have never, ever used, all this 'stuff' quickly piles up!

It doesn't have to cost a lot, and you may not want to undertake major renovation work, simply a fresh coat of paint, and an appliance update could be all that's required. We are happy to advise you on where to spend your money to best maximize your property's potential.


How your home looks is just as important as how it smells, as Terry's Fabrics discovered 46% of tenants would not sign the contract on a home that had bad smells. Bad odours are an easy fix, and by doing so you will hopefully win back that 46%.

Outside space

Other areas highlighted in the research were damp and unkempt gardens. Nearly half those questioned stated that damp would give them grave concerns when renting a property, whereas 37% were reluctant to rent a home with an unkempt garden.

The outside space of your property is just as important as the inside. An unkempt garden may give the impression that the property is not cared for or maintained properly, thus giving tenants concerns. Tenants want to know that should an issue arise it will be handled swiftly and corrected to the highest standard, an unkempt garden, will start to niggle in the minds of prospective tenants.

Create a home

Tenants are basically looking for a home, just because they are paying a rent rather than a mortgage doesn't mean that their standards and expectations lower. In fact, they need to be assured in other ways other than just the property itself, therefore the more you can do to make the property look and feel good, the more successful your chance will be of it soon being let.


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The guys over at PE were excellent throughout the entire cycle from viewings to signing the contract. They did everything and more to ensure my experience was seamless. Would highly recommend Andrew and the rest of the guys over at Portlands.

Rahul Kumar - Tenant

Professional and friendly service. My first experience using an estate agent could not have gone any better. Always available by phone or email no matter how minutia the question or need is. Within 25 hours they (Andrew) had found me a couple who have already moved in! Strongly recommend their services. Thank you so much to the Portland Team.

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Darren and Andy were excellent at helping us to secure our new home - knowledgeable and sensible, lots of attention to the transaction, and great drive to get us over the line. Thanks both!

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Finally, we sold our flat. It was a roller coaster journey for us-- with the great help of Darren and Andy who were there to guide us along the way (as we are selling our property for the first time) these duos really did a fantastic job of explaining to us and giving us information as we go about with the process. They would call, update us by email, phone and would go extra mile.. I couldnt thank them enough. Thank you Portland Estate Agents. Highly recommended!

Rhodora Requilme - Seller

Very helpful people, I found an amazing house to rent in a short period of time. I have relocated from another country and they helped me a lot.

Anca Novac - Tenant

I would highly recommend Portland Estate Agents. They offered a highly efficient service with clear communication, regular and reliable updates. Offered frank advice in relation to the market which ensured a sale within 5 weeks in this competitive market. The office of Portland estate agents always offered a warm welcome.

Patricia Walsh - Seller

I sold a 3-bedroom house in NW10 area through Portland Estate Agents. I am very satisfied with their service from valuation to sale, and I strongly endorse Portland Estate Agent with high ratings as their service is great and above expected. I would like to thank Darren, for being helpful, always responsive; and highly knowledgeable during the transaction. Thanks team Portland!

Ahmed Al - Seller

A very good company with an exemplary service. Jo Frati, the Property Management looks after me very well and I would recommend them to everybody.

Hisham Alshehatha - Tenant

We rented our flat through Portland and it was a very smooth process. We are 'inexperienced' renters and the whole process was much less stress and time-consuming then expected, Andrew was really helpful, particularly with finding a solution to some reference issues.

Tansy - Tenant

Brilliant service! from start to end, kept giving us updates regarding our purchase. big thanks to Darren for the support throughout the sale! i would highly recommend Portland estate agents!! i will definitely consider using it in the future. Always ready to answer multiple questions and give their expert advice. They have put lots of effort to make it all happen and we finally got there. Thanks for everything! good luck to the Portland team!!!!

Chirague Jamnadas - Buyer

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