Why De-Cluttering is the Perfect Therapy for Moving Home?

Why De-Cluttering is the Perfect Therapy for Moving Home?

Do you have them? A cupboard, a wardrobe, or even a drawer that you dare not open as you know if you do you'll have to acknowledge how much stuff and also how much crap you have collected over the years. If you have ever moved home, you will know how overwhelming a task it is packing up all that 'stuff' only to just move it to your next home. Oh yes, we all have good intentions of doing a good clear out before we move, but the time seems to be upon us so quickly that it's all we can do to pack everything up in a box and make a promise to ourselves that we must sort this out.

So your next move is in sight, and if you're looking for a less stressful experience, we can certainly tell you that de-cluttering is the perfect therapy for moving home, and here's why.

Your mole hill is actually a mountain

You may have turned a blind eye, or are perhaps in complete denial, but once you actually start to de-clutter your home you will soon realise that you have way more stuff than you imagined. From things that belonged to old appliances that you said goodbye to years ago, to things you've saved for a rainy day, or those presents that you have never, ever used, all this 'stuff' quickly piles up!

Facing the truth

If you're honest with yourself, you'll probably admit that you have very little stuff that actually needs to move with you. Ask yourself a question as you are sorting out: do I love this? Do I value it enough to take it with me to my new home? We hold onto things for many reasons, and it's usually only when we take the time to actually acknowledge everything we have that we realise what we actually need.

Is it loved and valued?

A friend of mine loves books, and when she moved recently she decided to do a real sort out of her book collection. To her surprise, she found that she had more than one copy of a number of books; she was also holding onto textbooks she no longer needed, and novels she hadn't enjoyed. One big box packed off to the charity shop later, and she felt so much happier, and certain that the books that she had packed were 100% those she loved, valued and really wanted in her new home.

No matter whether you're de-cluttering your wardrobe or a kitchen cupboard, always question something's worth and need. The more you organise your home now, the easier and less stressful it will be when the big day arrives.

Rome wasn't built in a day

The worst way to tackle de-cluttering your home is to jump in and try to do everything in a day; you will end up completely overwhelmed, and may even rush some areas just to get it finished. Break it down, take a room, or a category at a time, such as clothes or, as in my friend's case, books, or maybe even just a drawer. The earlier in the sales process you start, the better.

Portland's Prescription

When de-cluttering we suggest that you have three boxes: keep, charity and tip. This way, you can see if you are really de-cluttering, or just having a really good clean.

For more advice on how to get yourself and your family ready for your next move, contact a member of our Portland team.


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